Meet Jacqui

What I love most is being able to connect Art Through Heart

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

Jacqui Henderson is an artist living in the beautiful Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia, with her loving husband and two Tonkinese cats. Her day starts with some meditation and yoga, followed by a ride on her E-bike around the hills she calls home. Jacqui values a balanced and healthy lifestyle and loves connecting art with heart. True Heart Connections.


How I got into painting

Despite not having any formal training in art, Jacqui discovered her passion for painting in 2010 when a friend gave her some paints and a canvas during a difficult time. She has been painting ever since and has achieved many milestones including her first commission and then winning first prize at Art Whitsundays 2015 Annual Exhibition, and more recently, in 2022 winning Local Artist Award at the Whitsundays Art Festival Exhibition.

Jacqui has explored many mediums, including acrylics, pastels, watercolour, ink, and even house paint, to create art that connects to people's emotions and brings more joy into their world.

Jacqui compiled her artwork from her granddaughter's first year into a book, and it brings her immense joy as her granddaughter reads it to her even four years later.

Jacqui's passion for art and, her true heart connections inspires people who want to draw and connect to their hearts, allowing their inner child to come out and play. Her artwork celebrates true heart connections, and she believes that anyone can draw when they connect to their inner child and let themselves have fun.


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Book for my granddaughter

Precious Moments

In 2018 when I became a grandmother for the first time, I wanted to find a way to connect with my Granddaughter so that distance would not separate us; she lives in New Zealand while I reside in Australia. I wanted to sketch pictures from photo's that I received. I would choose an image and study every aspect of it, the colour of her skin and hair, and imagine what she might be thinking. The desire was there; however, in two months, I had only sketched one picture; the day she was born, the rest of the Sketchbook remained empty. Several months passed, and still, I had only completed one drawing.

My husband used a business coach, Marnie Louise, to help him in his business. Seeing his results and how motivated he was, I decided to engage her to help me. In the first few weeks, I drew more sketches while we chatted about what it was that I wanted to achieve. Marnie set goals and structured a program, and in 18 weeks, I had 18 beautiful pictures to be presented in a book.

My completed collection, celebrating my Granddaughter's first year, was printed in a book, and given to her on her first birthday. It brings me great joy as, four years on, she gets the book out and reads it to me.

Through these pictures, I discovered the connection through the heart that I can work effortlessly


Favourite Medium

I have explored a variety of mediums, attended workshops, joined Art groups, and chatted with other artists exploring what medium resonates with me. Different mediums suited different styles of painting. They all have one thing in common for me, to have a heart connection. I use various mediums for postcards and soft pastels for portraits of animals and people, house paint for Wall art for baby nurseries, and when I want to have fun, I use Water Colour & ink.

I have a gift of connecting to the energy of love, be it for your cat, dog, or child, living or past or memories of a place.

I want to inspire those who don't think they can draw to connect to their hearts and allow their inner child to come and play to have fun and bring more joy into their world; everyone can draw when you have this connection.