Quirky, Simple & Fun!

Art Classes

Unleash your inner creativity with True Heart Connections' Art Classes , located at Ocean Club, Coral Sea Marina, with the Coral Sea Academy.

Capture moments of joy from your day and then using materials provided you will be able to create a colourful picture of the things that made you smile, a creative way to lift your spirits and connect your mind, body, and soul.

All materials provided, no experience necessary. Suitable for all ages!

Next Classes

$49.99 per person

Ocean Club, Coral Sea Marina

Wednesday 26/06/2024 - 9 am
Wednesday 17/07/ 2024 - 9 am
Wednesday 7/08/2024- 9 am
Wednesday 18/09/2024 - 9 am

Lovely testimonials

Relaxing atmosphere & beautiful people. Come along for sure, excellent for a beginner with zero experience.

Anne Henry

Relaxing, calm atmosphere, nice easy going class. A relaxing water colour class, not too much experience needed, goes through some colour and brushes exercises.

Acadia Simmonds

Relaxing and informative. Excellent setting at the Marina. Very informative, relaxing and excellent for learners or people wanting to improve their skills and confidence. Thank you Jacqui, you're so inspirational!

Jessica Smith

So informative! Jacqui is a beautiful soul. Straight away felt relaxed and she made you feel at ease and in the zone to believe in yourself to bring out the creative side in all of us.

Sharon Miller

Fun and quirky art, covering the basics. Good time frame, nice outdoor area and refreshments on hand.

Shirley Woods

Enjoyed working with watercolours, the setting, the knowledge and tasty snacks! A proper learning class where you learn technique of both drawing, watercolours plus special techniques.

Tundi Goslink

Laid back and informative, fun.

Charlotte McAlister

getting out of your comfort zone, awakening the inner child to do a quirky picture relaxing

Sera Armitage

Beautiful way to spend the morning! Surprise yourself & create.

Kim Dicluiece

Inspirational – has awoken my passion for Art again

Lindy Johnson

Very relaxing, first time using watercolour so very memorable.

Saraise Collins

Even though we were all following the same theme we had the freedom to make it our own, all of our pieces came out so unique


Learning how to draw whales and how to make new colours to match what you want, designing anything you want.

Lili Henry

The delight of doing some art with my grandaughter & Jacqui's Grandaughter

Anne Henry

Lovely atmosphere with a caring and helpful Jacqueline

Geoff Newby-Butt

Well worth doing to learn basic drawing and how to colour and create your own picture and very casual


Friendly and encouraging support & guidance

Rebecca Alford

I enjoyed drawing the paintings. It's very relaxing and nice for a day.

Brady Alford

I enjoyed learning new ways to do art and then implementing them when creating the actual art piece. Also using new mediums not rubbing out sketches. I would describe it as educational and fun good to try new things.

Bella Alford

I enjoyed drawing and learning about new art techniques. Relaxing fun & enjoyable. Very friendly envirnoment.

Noah Collins

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. It was interesting fun and inclusive

Amanda Plumb